This is our moment.
We’ve got one life, and the gift of a fresh start.
How dare we make it anything but amazing?

I'm Patti Hoying

I’m Patti Hoying and I founded this little corner of the Internet to help women rebound faster after divorce, helping them release their inner rock star and bring the fire back to their work and life!

Our Divorce Operating System (DivorceOS) is designed to help professionals, managers and entrepreneurs quickly reinvent themselves after divorce, loss and breakup, so they can rebound faster, stay on top of their game at work, protect their reputation, get clear on their purpose, and be ready to fall in love with themselves (and life) again… without wasting valuable time and money on things that just don’t work.

Our exclusive program provides clients with the method, mindset and mentorship to up-level their soul, helping them perform at – and become – their very best as they enter this next phase of their life journey.



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The Right Fit

We are selective in our clients. Most are high-achieving professionals. Some are women business owners or entrepreneurs. A handful are resourceful non-working individuals. All are committed to getting a plan in place to move forward faster. 

We will only work with people who are willing to invest in themselves and their personal growth… who are willing to take personal responsibility for their life, success, and circumstances… who are willing to show up and do the work with consistency… who are ready for change to create better outcomes. If that’s you, book a complimentary Strategy Session now

Why I Do It

This is a calling, my mission. We provide transformational growth coaching for women during and after personal transition. Together, we map out a mission with a step-by-step plan – complete with support and timelines to perform at their best and rebound faster. Through my FREE Strategy Session Clarity Calls, Divorce Operating System program, and coaching, I help professional women ignite their personal power, restore their joy, and claim their own greatness.